Among top quality products "QUARTA-RAD"

The company's products that has recently become synonymous with reliability and ease of use, and they achieved such recognition for a good reason.

20People staff
10 000+ units per year

Despite the fact that in the workforce of "QUARTA-RAD" consists of only 20 people (excluding the Representative office staff), it still allows to produce highly competitive products recognized in dozens of countries around the world. It has become possible by virtue of the three main principles:

  • 1

    The presence of supervisors at all key stages of production.

  • 2

    Unique technical developments, acquired over a quarter of a century.

  • 3

    Using only quality materials and components from solid sources.

Today, "QUARTA-RAD" produces more than 10,000 units per year.

Customer’s trust and value

Among "QUARTA-RAD" customers are large companies, federal companies and corporations, representatives of small and medium businesses as well as individuals.

Because of our very moderate price policy, even a person of most modest means who is concerned about their safety can afford to buy, for example, a dosimeter to measure radiation and other "QUARTA-RAD" instruments.

We are grateful to our strategic trading partners and especially our customers who continuously send us dozens of letters of appreciation and positive feedback.

Hereinafter "QUARTA-RAD" will continue to affirm across European and world markets, that Russian-made precision instruments have an enormous potential and are often superior to expensive analogues. We sincerely hope that the company`s work will strengthen the prestige of goods manufactured in Russia.