Light, brightness and the flicker ratio of the light flux — RADEX LUPIN

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Low-quality light – s harmful to health.

Sore eyes, increased fatigue and irritation? The reason for this may be low-quality light. Lamps, computer screens, laptops, smartphones and other light sources.


What's wrong? – Poor light quality.

Large ripples and low light – it's a huge blow to our health. With the help of the device meter - pulser RADEX LUPIN, you can always select, adjust and control the light sources.


Lamp quality control.

Ripple lamp – the invisible enemy to health. According to the requirements of regulatory documents, the ripple coefficient of lamps should be less than 5%. If you check the lamps were found ripple more than 5%, then it is desirable to replace the lamp.


Check and configure screens and monitors.

Quality display devices have ripple less than 5% at any brightness. If checking the monitor or screen ripple, showed a large ripple factor, do not rush to change the device, try to increase the brightness.


Proper illumination – good vision.

The meter RADEX LUPIN will help you to customize the illumination on the Desk, the work table and any room. For example, a table lamp can be moved or changed to create optimal illumination in 500 Lux.


To control the quality of light need regularly.

During operation of the lamp, electronic components can fail, which can greatly increase the ripple, although the lamp will continue to Shine.


Professional sensor with spectral correction.

Luxmeter – heart rate monitor – ercomer equipped with a professional image sensor with correction of spectral sensitivity. Therefore, the light meter only measures visible light.


Easy measurement of any light source.

Thanks to a professional sensor with spectral correction, it is no longer necessary to switch and guess the type of lamp for accurate measurement.


Accurate and fast measurement.

Professional image sensor, advanced algorithms and our extensive experience has allowed the establishment of accurate and fast meter – pulser – ercomer in a compact body.


Quality light is an important factor in our lives.

As a result of checking the light sources, the lamps were replaced with new ones, which were checked with a luxmeter – pulse meter RADEX LUPIN , and the display is configured.


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