Light, brightness and the flicker ratio of the light flux — RADEX LUPIN

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The LUPIN is a measurement tool for light, brightness and the flicker ratio of the light flux.
The sensor is specialized to have its spectral sensitivity identical to that of a human eye (A-curved), as well as spatial sensitivity calibrated to government standards for Light Meters, Pulse meters and Lucimeters. 


The LUPIN device is designed for

 • measuring light source parameters (LED, fluorescent, power saving, gas-discharge, filament, halogen types of lamps and luminaries). 
 • measuring light pulsation ratio (flickering), illumination, brightness of various sources of light at various points (at work places, surfaces, roadways, various objects, etc.) both indoors and outdoors. 
 • measuring brightness and its unevenness over screens, such as: computer monitors, TVs, laptops, pads, smartphones, etc. 
 • measuring and analyzing the type and frequency of light pulsation using RadexLight Software. 



 • Unique photo-sensor with specialized spatial and spectral sensitivity 
 • Adjustable photo-head sensor provides optimal positioning for any measurement 
 • high-contrast graphic OLED-display 
 • Compact and ergonomic design for easy pocket storage 
 • Built-in lithium battery 
 • Conveniently chargeable through micro-USB 
 • RadexLight Software allows data transfer to PC (download from 
 • High-accuracy measurements are provided by the state-of-the art 32-bit microprocessor, that allows for complex algorithmic analysis.


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