Radon Gas Monitor — RADEX MR107


Radon — the invisible killer

Every day we get a considerable share of radiation, wherever we are. And to a greater extent the source of radiation is radon gas. radon Gas – a radioactive element of natural origin. It has neither color, nor taste, nor smell: it can be found only by means of special devices.


Radon sensor — on guard round the clock

The indicator is a radioactive gas radon are created for the convenience of monitoring the level of radon. The device will show the slightest changes in the level of radon and warn sound notification of the dangerous level of gas supply.


Sensitive solid state sensor

The device uses a modern method of electrostatic deposition of daughter decay products on a semiconductor sensor, followed by detection of charge-sensitive preamplifier.


The certificate of conformity to GOST 27451-87

Radioactive gas detector radon RADEX MR 107 fully complies with the requirements GOST 27451-87 “Measuring instruments for ionizing radiation. General specifications.”, which is confirmed by the certificate. Compliance of the device to this GOST confirms its accuracy and reliability.


Audible alarms for dangerous levels of radon

In case of detection of dangerous level of radon, the device will inform about it by a sound signal.


Temperature and humidity measurement

It will help in monitoring the microclimate in the room, by measuring temperature and humidity, with the preservation of the results in the memory of the device.


Quality OLED display

Contrast display with wide viewing angles, which displays the status bar and information about the current measurements. When operating from the built-in battery, the device switches off the display after a specified time. In this case, the measurements continue, the activity of the device is signaled by a flashing «operation indicator».



Free software RAD Data Centerfor Windows, allows you to view the dynamics of radon, temperature, humidity measurements. Export the results of measurements and make individual settings of the device.


Long battery life

Modern technologies and high-quality components have allowed to create a mobile indicator of radioactive gas radon with a long battery life from the built-in battery.


Powered by built-in battery or external power

No need to spend money on batteries, RADEX MR 107 operates from both the built-in battery and an external power supply via the common microUSBconnector.


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