Company info

The history of the company "QUARTA-RAD" starts in 1990, when several people of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute staff created a small enterprise called "QUARTA". As early as next year the trademark “QUARTA" was patented ( #101564). After a while, the second trademark “RADEX” was also registered, which later became a respected and a well known manufacturing brand not just in Russia.

The ways of development strategy implementation were changed, technical algorithms had been optimized, the production facilities and capabilities of devices have been improved, meanwhile «RADEX» remains faithful to its main principles of quality and reliability.

Even today, when competition in the market of special measuring equipment is particularly high, the company " QUARTA-RAD" strengthens its presence every year. Regular customers and trading partners know that any device of the brand «RADEX» corresponds fully to the declared specifications and international quality standards, and has a long service life.



The history of "QUARTA-RAD" is that rare case when a business did not come to science, but science has learned the business. Since the company has initially been created by scientists who knew nearly everything about the technical side, it has significantly influenced the further development of the "QUARTA-RAD" brand.


Along with successful business practice, the company invests significant funds annually into modern scientific research, development and optimization of scientific tools and devices. "QUARTA -RAD" products demonstrate the Scientific Excellence benchmark in a given area. Our specialists is excels at quick implementation of most advanced and effective solutions.